Professional Development

The CTL provides or sponsors several different programs throughout the year for your professional development. Details will be announced on the blog, in the newsletter, and through email.

  • Coffee Breaks/Lunch & Learns: Discussions may be open, or on topics of interest such as creating and grading assignments, student engagement, or teaching methodologies. Some discussions center around an article or short video, and are often facilitated by faculty members.
  • Faculty Communities of Practice: Interdisciplinary groups of 6-10 faculty members who meet regularly over a course of a semester to study a topic related to pedagogy and apply what they learn to their teaching. Communities of Practice provide an opportunity for professional development with a group of like-minded faculty devoted to improving teaching and learning.
  • Special Presentations & Conferences: Throughout the year the CTL sponsors presentations by faculty or administrators on topics of interest to the faculty at large. We sponsor faculty attendance at the semi-annual New England Faculty Development Conference. We also provide access to webinars hosted by professional organizations.


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