Conversation of the Week–How can I minimize cheating in the classroom?

Presentation date: February 9, 2015 and on demand for one week

Technology and punishment alone are not solving the problem of cheating. This program will show you real world-tested techniques to help you minimize cheating by inspiring a growth mindset in your students and encouraging them to change their goals from getting good grades to mastery learning.

Learning Goals

  • Recognize aspects of your courses that can influence academic dishonesty
  • Use effectively designed assessments to help students develop mastery of learning goals
  • Create opportunities for students to choose how they demonstrate their mastery of course content

Link to the Presentation

Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and go to

A password is required for access. Check your email for the Conversation of the Week announcement or go to  the Faculty Conversations about Learning  group in your Courses and Groups menu in Canvas to get the password for this week’s presentation.