Canvas updates

Canvas has made many updates this semester. This post will highlight those that we think you most need to know about at the start of the semester

Content and images provided by Instructure in their Canvas Guides and Release Notes.

The Course Setup Checklist has been redesigned

The checklist no longer opens automatically and can only be viewed if specifically accessed by the user. On the Home page, users can click the Setup Checklist button in the main content area, as well as in the sidebar. When viewing the Course Setup Checklist, each sidebar item shows the status of your course and provides quick links to each Canvas area. To close the window and return to Canvas, click the close icon in the upper right of the window.coursesetupchecklist.png

More details in the guide:

You can easily customize the courses in your drop-down list

On the My Courses page, users can favorite or unfavorite current or past courses by toggling the star icon in front of the course name. Only favorite courses will show in the drop down course menu.

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You can filter your Conversation messages to find only those that are comments on assignment submissions

Accessed in the Inbox filter, Submission Comments allows users to view all comments sent and received from assignment submissionsEach message contains the name of the user and the name of the submission, the time the message was sent, and the number of messages in the conversation thread. Submission Comments only appear between a student and any user who has appropriate Gradebook and SpeedGrader editing and commenting permissions

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Speedgrader shows group assignment submissions as well as individual ones.

For group assignments, SpeedGrader shows submissions both from student groups and individual students. This feature allows instructors to view all submissions, especially for students who may not be in a group.

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You now receive a warning before Crocodoc times out in Speedgrader—so no more lost comments during long grading sessions.

Instructors who use Crocodoc to annotate assignments in SpeedGrader receive a warning message when the Crocodoc session is about to expire. Crocodoc sessions are per submission and run for one hour; the expiration warning message appears after 50 minutes. The session begins when the submission preview appears in SpeedGrader. Any annotations made to the submission are saved automatically during the hour. This feature helps instructors be aware of the current Crocodoc session so they do not lose any of their work after the hour has expired. To create a new session, refresh the page or navigate to another submission.

More details in the guide: