McKillop 007 Faculty Suite now available!

The Faculty Suite in McKillop 007 is your space to work, converse, and collaborate. If you don’t have an office, need a quiet space to work, meet with colleagues or students, or just want to hide away on campus, this is your place.

The area is divided into three zones: a mini computer lab, a meeting/workspace, and a collaboration and conversation space. A snack area includes microwave and fridge if you need to store or heat a meal, and coffee and tea service.

The space is equipped with computers, printer, power and Ethernet connections for your laptop, projector, Smartboard, and whiteboards;  perfect for working or meeting.

If you would like to schedule a department or committee meeting in the space, email [email protected] to reserve the space.

Stop by Annette’s office (McKillop 012) or Carole’s office (McKillop 025) to get the passcode.