Canvas improves Group feature

The following information was provided by Canvas. To see more detailed information on Groups please visit the Groups chapter or view the video on managing groups.


Group Tabs

People has an updated design that displays access to user groups in the same page view. In Course Navigation, clicking the People link still loads all users in the course, but they are displayed within the Everyone tab. Any existing user groups will be listed as additional tabs for easy access to the group information.

If you do not have any user groups in your course, Canvas will display a Groups tab that will take you to the student groups creation page. You can also create a group by clicking the Add Group Set button or the sidebar’s View User Groups button.

For students, group tabs are also incorporated on the People page.


Group Set Drop-down Menu

When viewing a student group, instructors can easily switch and view all groups within a group set by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the group name.

Edit Group Name

Instructors and student group leaders will see an Edit Group link as part of the group dashboard. This link allows quick access to edit the name of the group. Additional editing functionality will be available in a future release.