Flipping the Classroom

February 27th is Flipping the Classroom day! We have two webinar offerings on Flipping the classroom that happen to be offered on the same day. The first focuses on best practices, while the second is a virtual workshop to help you design effective classroom activities. Join us for one or both.


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Class

Thursday, February 27        12:00-1:00 p.m.           McKillop 208

In this live webinar, join Aaron Sams, as he speaks about the five mistakes one should avoid when flipping your class. When Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann (the pioneers of the Flipped Classroom movement) first started flipping their classes in 2007, they made a lot of mistakes. Take advantage of their extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field and avoid making the mistakes when you are flipping your course or just a few lessons. In this live webinar, you will learn about the things, not doing which, will make your flipped classes more effective. Learn these tips and tricks from the best in business and get your questions answered as well.


Designing Assignments for More Active Classrooms

Thursday, February 27        3:00-4:30 p.m.           McKillop 208

Flipping your classroom, a trending course design pedagogy, involves rethinking the way you use your class time and the activities your students complete outside and within your class.  Join Jose Bowen, Dean of the Meadows School at SMU, to design in-class activities for your flipped classroom.  Come prepared to review your own short assignments that students can do before coming to class.  Gather best practices and collaborate with your colleagues to create an example for your own course by:

A. improving your out-of-class assignment
B. creating a classroom application activity
C. aligning the assignment and activities, and
D. creating a cognitive wrapper for the assignment/module.

This workshop will model the method. Come prepared with one learning outcome from a course you have and one concept/content area.  To get the most out of your time, you’ll want to prepare an assignment in order to work with colleagues in the workshop to improve it.

Bring your lunch, we’ll provide snacks and drinks.

Please RSVP at http://bit.ly/CTLevents_1314