Canvas Updates: Gradebook

Canvas has made recent updates to the Gradebook that we think you will find helpful

Notes Column

Instructors can use a Notes column in their Gradebook to keep track of extra student information in their course, such as group assignments or general comments and notes you want to remember about a student.

To show the Notes column in the Gradebook, click the Gear icon in the Gradebook drop-down menu and select the Show Notes Column link. When the column is shown, the Gear icon drop-down option will change to Hide Notes Column.


To make a comment in the notes, click the note field for the appropriate student and type into the text box. Click the Save button to save your note. The note field allows up to 255 characters.

Column Attributes

Instructors are now able to resize frozen columns like the student name column. Additionally, assignment column resizing will remain set when your browser window is refreshed in most browsers. (Resizing of frozen columns will not remain set–but this feature will come in a future update)


Test Student Placement

The Test Student now shows at the end of your course roster in People. When downloading a CSV file from the Gradebook,  the Test Student will always be at the end of the spreadsheet.

Keyboard Shortcut Keys

The Canvas Gradebook can now be navigated with keyboard shortcuts. Click the comma key to activate the display menu. This accessibility addition joins the shortcut functionality already found in Modules, Assignments, Discussion Threads, and other areas of Canvas.

Thanks to the team at Instructure Canvas for the directions and images used in this post.