Canvas Updates Group functionality

Groups Redesign

To allow for a better user experience, Canvas has redesigned the Groups page. The new design more closely aligns with the look and feel of other pages within Canvas. The sidebar has been removed to maximize the Groups view, and creating groups within a group set is more intuitive with the new Group and Group Set buttons. Each group has its own gear icon where you can not only edit and delete the group but also access the Group homepage. Functionality remains the same in that you can continue to drag and drop students within groups and collapse and expand the group lists.

They have also improved the way Canvas can handle groups within large courses. Within the Unassigned Students menu, you can select the add icon next to a student’s name and move them to a specific group without having to drag and drop them into a group farther down the page.

Once a student is placed within a group, you can use the gear icon next to the student’s name to remove the student from that group or move the student to another group.


You can learn more on how to set up groups in the Groups chapter of the Canvas guide.