Webinar: High Tech Writers — Using Technology to Improve Student Writing

Monday, October 28th    1:00 – 2:00 p.m
McKillop 208

Join us for this webinar which will explore creative and effective ways to use technology to develop our student writers.

As we teach students how to write at the college level, we should also be teaching them how to use technology to support and enhance the writing process. We can also use technology in our teaching of writing to make it more dynamic, engaging, and effective.

From brainstorming to recording and organizing research notes, group writing projects to effective peer and instructor feedback, this webinar will help you look at the writing process and common tech tools in new ways. It may also introduce you to the teaching and learning potential of tools you’ve never heard of or use for other reasons.


The presenter, Sam Grabelle, is the Teaching and Learning Projects Administrator in the Center for Teaching and Learning at Bryant University as well as  a Writing Specialist in Bryant’s Writing Center. See more at: http://nercomp.org/index.php?section=events&evtid=302#sthash.5sEvxMUc.dpuf

RSVP at http://bit.ly/CTLevents_1314