New Additions to Magna Commons library

The Magna Commons video library has added three new webinars that may be of interest to you:

Five Strategies to Engage Today’s Students
Whether they’re called Generation Y, Millennial learners or NextGen learners, today’s students bring unique perceptions and preferences to campuses and classrooms. Learn how you can better meet their needs with this 90-minute audio online seminar with award-winning educator, Christy Price, Ed.D. She shares research-based insights on the key traits of today’s students, and show you how to create more effective learning experiences.
Presenter: Christy Price, Ed.D., Professor of Psychology, Dalton State College, GA.

Best Practices for Designing Successful Blended Courses
Building engaging learning experiences for increasingly diverse learners while facing financial constraints is one of the most important challenges we face today. Blended instruction can help, but it takes work to fuse the worlds of face-to-face and online instruction. Veronica Diaz, associate director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, shows you how to make the best of both worlds in this 90-minute audio online seminar.
Presenter: Veronica Diaz is the associate director of the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative.

Learner-Centered Technology: Aligning Tools with Learning Goals
Learner-centered classrooms require learner-centered technology. The technological tools available for learner-centered instruction continue to advance, presenting faculty with opportunities and challenges. Knowing about the tools is the first step, but the most successful teachers become adept at creating courses that capitalize on the pedagogical benefits that technology can bring.
Presenter: Ike Shibley, Ph.D. is associate professor of chemistry at Penn State Berks.

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