Brain-Based Learning Virtual Summit

December 4, 2012
McKillop 208

The CTL had a last minute opportunity to participate in this virtual conference sponsored by the NeuroLeadership Institute. Four top neuroscientists will present their research, along with practical advice on how to:

  • Target memory to take learning retention to the next level.
  • Strengthen goal-setting for behavior change.
  • Creating more frequent, consistent “aha” moments in the classroom

We invite you to join us for any of the sessions listed here. Bring your lunch, we’ll provide drinks and snacks.

Make Learning Sticky

11:30am – 12:20pm EST
By: Grace Chang, Ph.D. (UCLA)

The best way to increase learning outcomes may come from a deeper understanding of how memories form, especially given recent neuroscience research. This session summarizes a wide range of recent big discoveries about embedding learning in a four-part model for how to make learning stick, involving what we call Attention, Generation, Emotion, and Spacing”

Create New Habits: The Neuroscience of Goal Setting and Behavior Change

12:35pm – 1:25pm EST
By: Elliot Berkman , Ph. D. (University of Oregon)

This session explores the hows and whys of goal setting from a neuroscience perspective, to help learning designers integrate the latest findings about goal setting into the design of learning interventions. You will discover the key foundations of successful behavior change processes through goal setting, which draws on a number of counter-intuitive discoveries about performance.”

Peak Performance for Instructors: The Neuroscience of Managing your Mental State

2:15pm – 3:05pm EST
By: Matt Lieberman, Ph.D. (UCLA)

“This session explores how the brain reacts to emotions and examines methods that allow you to respond rather than react to stressful events, whether leading an easy or a challenging group through a learning activity. Discover the neuroscience and practice of self-regulation, so that you can stay cool under pressure in any teaching environment.”

Create More ‘Aha’ Moments That Embed Deep Learning

3:20pm – 4:10pm EST
By: Josh Davis , Ph.D., (Barnard College)

“Sometimes ideas come like a bolt of lightning, out of the blue. Scientific and business lore are full of anecdotes describing how a single, sudden insight can yield great advances. It turns out that the act of having an insight or ‘aha’ moment is central for learning as well. It creates memories that are deeper, creates immediate engagement, and even changes the brain in such a way that it never goes back. This session explores the neuroscience and practice of how to facilitate more of these moments of insight in any learning experience, to increase the chances of sustained learning or change.”