Turnitin adds Voice commenting feature

Last week  Turnitin provided a webinar on the value of providing verbal feedback on student writing. They presented the results of a study at North Carolina State University in which students preferred voice comments over written responses, and felt that instructors were more engaged with them and gave more personal responses to their work. Verbal feedback has the advantage over written in that you can convey tone or provide coaching.

Yesterday, Turnitin announced the addition of a voice commenting feature.

With just a few clicks, you can quickly record a detailed message that conveys your ‘tone’ so your comments aren’t misinterpreted. If you teach online/distance learning classes or a large class, you’ll find this feature especially helpful, as will those in disciplines with assignments graded on content vs. writing skills, such as science lab reports. Additionally, those who teach ELLs can fully explain their feedback in more understandable terms using voice comments.

Check out the demo video and then try it yourself.