New Interactive Tutorial on how to use Turnitin Grademark

I received the following announcement from Turnitin today:

We’ve been talking a lot about Turnitin’s GradeMark tool—many who have been using it agree that it saves time by streamlining the grading process and allowing for more and better feedback for students. We’re happy to announce that we have an all new Interactive Tutorial to help you learn how to use GradeMark in a safe, demo environment—we call it a “sandbox.”

Once in the GradeMark Interactive Tutorial, simply read the text of the tutorial paper that has already been uploaded and follow the directions provided. The tutorial will guide you through an exercise in leaving various types of comments and highlights and will demonstrate how easy it is to add a grade to the paper.

When you’re done, just close the tutorial window. You’re now ready to start using GradeMark to cut your grading time in half!

The tutorial takes about two minutes to do and shows how quick and easy it is to use Grademark to grade papers online. The tutorial only scratches the surface of the tool features, but I predict that once you start using it, you will never go back to handwritten comments. Click on the links above to give it a try. If you want more detailed training or need an account set up, contact Annette Torrey.