Clickers and Peer Instruction: A Powerful Way to Improve Student Engagement and Learning, but Only If You Do It Right

Our second webinar of the semester is coming up on Monday, October 5th, at 1:00 p.m. in McKillop 208. It is on “Clickers,” small devices that allow you to bring interactivity into your lecture classes by quickly quizzing or polling your students and then providing feedback.

Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative director, will moderate this web seminar with Douglas Duncan, where he’ll share his strategies and proven experiences in effectively using clickers in the classroom. Duncan has been using clickers at the University of Colorado, where over 17,000 clickers are in use. He’ll share data gathered during the past few years that has yielded a number of effective pedagogical strategies in their implementation and deployment. Strategies that led to successful use, and mistakes that led to failure, have been found to be very repeatable; these will be discussed. Results from a PhD thesis in sociology examining how the culture of a classroom changes when the instruction becomes more interactive, and student opinions about this, will be highlighted.